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Mynd - the calendar with a brain
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It’s time for a new calendar…

…one that doesn’t just record the things you need to do but actually helps you do them.

Mynd Calendar is a smart, context aware app that provides you with the information you need to be successful, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself.


Mynd is incredibly easy to set up because it works with all of the existing calendars on your phone. Try using Mynd as your primary calendar for a week, and discover how it helps you become more successful the more you use it.  

The basic version of Mynd is free, and in-app-purchase upgrades are available for our most advanced features. All new users are offered a 14 day free trial of our upgraded service “Mynd Premium,” which includes “when to leave” travel alerts and “Inside Mynd,” our time goal setting and time management tool.

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Live Smarter and Be Prepared

The Home screen is Mynd’s unique way of showing you the most critical and interesting information about your day. It tells you at a glance all the things you need to know to get a sense for what kind of day it’s going to be.

Travel Smarter and Plan Ahead

Mynd’s sophisticated algorithms finds places in the content of your calendar events, and will let you know how long it’ll take to get there.  With the Mynd  Premium upgrade, you’ll get “when to leave alerts” for meetings based on current traffic conditions. Launch your favorite navigation app directly from Mynd and get turn-by-turn directions.  


Network Smarter and Connect Easily

Easily find the best times for your meetings using Mynd Scheduler.

Mynd discovers the people listed in your calendar events and looks up their LinkedIn profiles and information from your address book, so you know who you’re meeting with and how to get in touch with them.

Work Smarter and Save Time

Mynd gives you quick access to all your Evernote meeting notes and lets you share them with meeting participants. Mynd also automatically finds and dials in to conference calls to eliminate fumbling for access codes while you’re on the go.


Dial Smarter and Stop Hunting for Access Codes

Mynd automatically finds your conference calls and access codes making dialing in to meetings a snap.

Subscribe to Mynd Premium

Mynd Premium is available on a subscription basis as an in-app purchase and includes:

  • Inside Mynd - See a visual representation of how you’ve been spending your time and export this data for use in status and expense reports.
  • Goal Setting - Set goals on categories and measure your progress over time using Inside Mynd.
  • Travel Notifications - Get notifications for when to leave for your events and when you are running late.
  • Removal of Mynd branding from Mynd Scheduler and other emails created using Mynd.
  • Premium email Support
  • Has converted my calendar into an indispensable tool.

    – User

  • I have tried so many other organizer/calendar apps that just didn't suit my needs. This one is perfect! I stay on time and on task. The fact that it syncs with my other calendars is a great bonus!

    – User

  • Awesome app. Very helpful with commute times.

    – User